This is an area which is likely to be the subject of some change in the period after the UK withdrawal from the EU.

As new guidelines emerge on how VAT is going to work in the UK post Brexit, we will be advising clients on the best way to proceed…until then our VAT work on behalf of our clients will continue:

  • VAT registration: Whether to register and if so, when to register with HMRC
  • VAT records: We ensure that your records are maintained to the highest standards to ensure you comply with VAT legislation
  • Flat rate scheme: Where it is feasible for smaller businesses, and where cost effective, we will ensure clients take advantage of this concession
  • Returns: Normally quarterly but these can be prepared monthly, submitted online through our MTD compliant software
  • Payments to HMRC: We'll tell you what to pay, when to pay and where/how to pay so you hit all HMRC deadlines
  • Partial exemption: Some of our clients have supplies which are both exempt and standard rated so we ensure the correct liability is calculated and reported
  • HMRC enquiries: If a client business is chosen for an enquiry, we liaise with HMRC alongside our clients ensuring that HMRC have the requisite information to complete their work. The good news is that the costs of our work is covered by our fee protection scheme which is included in our fee…!

Our happy clients love the work we do for them to make VAT understandable so that payments are optimised and can be planned in with cash flow in a controlled way.

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