Management Accountants

We measure, you manage…Management Accounts are your business numbers, the core of what The Numbersmith does for its happy clients.

Without up-to-date information on how the business is performing and without the knowledge to understand and act on that information, your business will not realise its full potential…that’s what The Numbersmith helps happy clients do. This helps us to provide a service that clients have said makes us more than just accountants…

Our approach to giving you your management accounts, your business numbers is as follows:

On appointment:

  • Our successful management accountant and finance professionals will listen to you to learn about your business decisions and what you want out of it

  • We agree on the information (KPIs, key performance indicators) and the frequency that you need from us to run your business to make it the best it can be

  • We agree on the information that we’ll need from you to create the information you’ll need

  • We will have a chartered global management accountant set up a cloud management accounting system which will give us that accounting information, and the KPIs that you need. If a system is already in place, we’ll make sure it’s tailored for you and fit for purpose

    At this stage, we’re ready to go…

Your information provision to us:

  • We receive information from you on a regular basis (weekly and as a minimum, monthly) in the manner agreed at the planning stage (usually via portal or envelope) which we suggest is time tabled so that deadlines are met
  • We process information on an equally regular basis so that your cloud accounting system is kept up to date with ‘current’ information…the best type of information
  • Because we operate on the cloud accounting software, our work is transparent so you can see what we do as we do it

Our provision of information to you:

  • On receipt of all the information (if we are short, your accounts will be inaccurate so we’ll let you know what is outstanding…) our accounting and finance professionals will provide you with your monthly management accounts, your business numbers, to review

  • Based on those numbers you’ll be able to make informed decisions to make your business the best it can be

  • We have a business management team who meets with many of our clients with the business numbers so that they get the most out of the process, they learn to interpret the figures and act on them so as to improve business performance or to protect against emerging business threats

Things that your cloud system will do:

  • Invoice customers directly by email
  • Let you know when the invoice has been opened by the customer
  • Assist with the collection of debts using apps such as GoCardless
  • Send statements directly from the system
  • Keeps your cash flow information current with the use of bank feeds which, if reconciled regularly will give you an up to the minute working capital position
  • Purchases administration: Records supplier invoices and assists in settling their debts
  • Profit and loss account reporting: Get figures on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Balance Sheet reporting: Get figures on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • KPI reporting: We can tailor reports to present what you need to measure and track most
  • Account transaction analysis: Providing you with detail to track the numbers in detail

Our happy clients love the simple but effective systems that we put in place for them meaning that we can make a real difference to their business.

To speak to the Numbersmith cloud accountants about how we can do that for you and your business, don’t be shy…

For more information contact us today or call 01604 345865

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For more information call 01604 345865
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