“Act now” to keep your business moving overseas

The UK Government has urged businesses to “act now” to keep their business moving overseas in 2021. 

To help the Government has outlined “six key actions” businesses must take, so we have summarised them below:


To continue to import or export goods from the EU, you must get an EORI number, make customs declarations (or have a specialist complete them for you), and consider whether your goods require extra papers (such as plant and animal products). If you are using a haulier to transport goods, they must obtain a Kent Access Permit and have a negative Covid-19 test before reaching port.


Check whether your professional qualifications are still recognised by the relevant EU regulator before delivering services in the EU.


You must now register as a licensed sponsor before you can hire staff from overseas.


Check whether you need a visa or work permit to travel to the EU for work purposes.

Intellectual property rights

Check whether you still have the intellectual property (IP) rights to export protected goods from the UK to the EU.


Check whether your existing accounting processes still apply in EU territories to ensure compliance with EU authorities.
More information can be found by visiting gov.uk/transition

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